Integration: AppSheet Data Updated Based on an Activity / Update from Another App?

I’m following the help / support guides on integrating Zapier into app sheet. The articles and examples I’ve seen on this show AppSheet integrating its data to another app; however, could you let me know if it possible for my AppSheet app to be the one updated based on activity from the a third party app (that’s on Zapier)?

That is, once I’ve updated another app, could that data be brought in to AppSheet / My Google Spreadsheet

Not sure if it works the other way around from some of the articles I’ve seen here.

So two ways I know that you can do this.
1.Have something update the data source that appsheet uses. IE have zapier add a row to your google sheet. Things to keep in mind. when you update your data through this method, Appsheet has no “knowledge” of the update. So formulas won’t update, actions don’t happen, and workflows do not execute. Also if you have a cached/delta sync table it can lead to some oddities that I’m not qualified to explain. Just know that they happen.
(I have no personal experience with the second method myself and could be wrong)
2. Appsheet has an API that you can have other apps use to push the data into your data source as if it was coming through appsheet itself. This should trigger workflows and formula updates and what not.


Method #2 sounds interesting. I wonder what this API tool is called. Would love to read through some documentation on it.
@Austin_Lambeth thanks for shedding some light on this.

The third application I have in mind can push data into Google Sheets (based on Zapier).

I’m not an API guy so I have stayed away from this to avoid breaking anything