Integration between Appsheet Billing & Google...

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Integration between Appsheet Billing & Google sheet

I’m trying to find out a solution for integration between Appsheet billing and Google Sheet.

Here are flow example

1- I have an Appsheet App. There is only one table name as “Table1”

2- “Table1” have 3 column. Col1 is for Unique key. Col2 is App Name Record. Col3 is Email. Col4 is for checking the status.

What I want is:

If an email in Col3 and its status in Col4 is OK, the email then can have a permission to access the App in Col2.

Any idea or sugguestion, please?


Not sure I fully follow you, but if I understand right, i would use a Deck view to show Table1, and define an Action attached to the “app name” column that uses LINKTOAPP expression.

You can the set the “if this condition is true” expression in the Action, to only display for records where Col4 email = AND([Col3] = useremail(), [Col4] = “OK”).

My syntax may not be completely correct for your case, but hopefully you get the idea. App Column Type (Deep Link)

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@Mike_Adler thank you for your time.

Deep link is not as my expection.

Currently, If I give a right to user/email to access any Appsheet App,

I need to access to Appsheet App Admin Interface.

I’m looking for a solution to automatic above steps.

That’s why I need to integrate between google sheet ( own database) and Appsheet User Interface.

Am I clear?

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@Vo_Tu_Duc this is not currently supported.