Integration of AppSheet and G Suite (directory) through Google People API

Hi AppSheet team,

There is no integration of AppSheet and G Suite (directory) through Google People API. Please implement this functionality, so that in an AppSheet app there might be a text edit control (or a dropdown) added with autosuggestions from the G Suite (directory) through Google People API.

For example, if users want to assign tasks to people within their company G Suite domain (directory), they can start enter users name or ldap and the autosuggestion will show people whose names matches entered value as per the GSuite domain directory.

Thank you!

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Maksym Ovsianikov | Senior Delivery Manager at EPAM Systems, Inc.

One workaround is to download your existing contacts as CSV, then upload it to AppSheet as a new table. Then use this table to feed your dropdown.

You can keep the spreadsheet in sync with your contacts using Zapier or a custom Google Apps Script.


@Maksym_Ovsianikov, you may interested in a different approach whereby we can leverage Google Domain groups as “custom roles” inside of a particular app, as documented here:

Hope this helps!