Integration of AppSheet and G Suite (directory) through Google People API

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There is no integration of AppSheet and G Suite (directory) through Google People API. Please implement this functionality, so that in an AppSheet app there might be a text edit control (or a dropdown) added with autosuggestions from the G Suite (directory) through Google People API.

For example, if users want to assign tasks to people within their company G Suite domain (directory), they can start enter users name or ldap and the autosuggestion will show people whose names matches entered value as per the GSuite domain directory.

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Maksym Ovsianikov | Senior Delivery Manager at EPAM Systems, Inc.

One workaround is to download your existing contacts as CSV, then upload it to AppSheet as a new table. Then use this table to feed your dropdown.

You can keep the spreadsheet in sync with your contacts using Zapier or a custom Google Apps Script.


@Maksym_Ovsianikov, you may interested in a different approach whereby we can leverage Google Domain groups as “custom roles” inside of a particular app, as documented here:

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This is obviously a reasonable ask, especially for some of the ex-AppMaker scenarios.

However, this is not on our roadmap in 2021. let me explain why:

*) This mostly makes sense in fully connected scenarios (where can dynamically fetch data from ldap). Today, AppSheet works in a disconnected mode where data is pre-downloaded. We’re doing work this year to enhance connected scenarios. So we need to make progress on that first.

*) Unlike AppsScript/AppMaker, today’s AppSheet customers have to explicit add access to their Google Domain/ldap. Very few app creators have the permission to do so and so very few have the ability to perform this function. However, as we become more of a 1st-party Google service (also in 2021), some of this will become easier.

So in short, we’ll revisit this later this year after we’ve made progress in a coupleof these key dimensions.


If Appsheet already has a way of getting USEREMAIL(), i.e. the person currently accessing an app, then I would think you should be able to provide other parameters, no? Even if it’s read-only, as was in AppMaker.

My organization had to use Appscript (with People API) to populate directory data into sheets and then connect the sheet (read-only) to Appsheet apps. Problem with this is that appscript has to update the sheet everyday and has ran into issues with “Service Spreadsheets timed out while accessing document”. So, data update process ends abruptly. Also, sometimes there are “too many simultaneous invocations” on the sheet.

If AppSheet team could bump this feature into 2021 roadmap, that would alleviate a lot of headache.

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