Integration with Google Chat - How? Actually it was ultra easy

Async seting is nothing to do with your problem.
I strongly suspect the problem is from JSON.

I decoded your text and passed to my sample app for google chat and it did work without error.

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Placed JSON to JSON validator, also returns no error…

Not sure why you see error.


I do not understand why?
Can anyone help me with this problem?

re type JSON from scratch.

apostrophes inside JSON payload may be typed wrongly, this is only a guess I have

and then test your json

to see if you see no error.


I have tried and tested as you said but with no error


As i said JSON body need to be above format!

The syntax is correct but the current data is not passed to google chat. I really don’t know why and what to do.

What the current json looks like?

It’s looks like:
“STT”: “<<[STT]>>”,
“Ngày KK”: “<<[Ngày KK]>>”,
“Mã HH”: “<<[Mã HH]>>”,
“Tên HH”: “<<[Tên HH]>>”,
“Đvt”: “<<[Đvt]>>”

Please refer to previous message and advice to yoi

I did everything as you said but couldn’t.
I do not know why.
This creation of you will keep me from using zapie, but I can’t use it now.
I am so sad

Please ask for support from

Thanks you so much!

Let me know once the problem is cleared by the support team.
Good luck!

Yes sir.
They are doing help me!

I am sorry , i get the same error (“Failed to parse JSON due to Invalid property identifier character: “. Path ‘’, line 1, position 1… Invalid JSON value starts with: “text”: “text automat trimis”}”,) , by only using :

“text”: “text automat trimis”

Can anyone point me in the right direction please ?

Thank you

“text”:“text automat trimis”

Not exactly sure where this problem coming from but possibly double quote?

Copy above JSON and past to the JSON body as it is.

Try it out.

Thanks for your input. I was just trying that. I typed it all , instead of copying , and it worked.

My typed double quote is : " " " " , and it works
The pasted one is : “ “ “ , and i get that error

They look different. Both written and pasted code is succesful in the recommended Json formatter page. Maybe it has something to do with regional settings.

@Le_Van_Luyen , maybe this works for you too.


Yes, exactly, that is the root cause of issue.

But not sure why people is getting different type of format for DOUBLE QUOTE…

1 Like|%20Typography%20for%20Lawyers&text=Straight%20quotes%20are%20the%20two,marks%20used%20in%20good%20typography.

Just because of difference betwee straight and curly quotes.

We have to be bear in mind,upon constructing JSON to pass.