Integration with Google Email (Gmail) as data source to app

Wish to have Gmail account as data source to the app to control (send, view email) from appsheet app.

Currently I m developping app for clients, which is kinds of CRM app, where we wish to place send, read and trace mail sort of functions in organized way. For instance, we create client table and send email to this particular client from gmail (generated and sent by Appsheet App), it trigger to send email under the registered gmail account, but they are also visible as structured data table with fields , like sender, receiver, date, title, contents and attachment , and we are able to make parent/child relationship between client table and email table within appsheet app.

Now Appsheet is part of Google Cloud, just hoping this feature is within the scope of new development!

I asked a similar question a while ago. I hope this functionality will be added in near future.