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How would I integrate my app with the Zoho CRM?


Well it depends how you want to integrate? You have the ability to use Zapier or Webhooks to trigger workflow moving data between both systems.
You can embed Appsheet as an iframe into your Zoho CRM if it supports such features.
You can point Appsheet to the Zoho datastore (if its a traditional SQL cloud DB) or an Excel/Sheet export of its data…
You might want to describe your ideal scenario a bit further…

So I have a “locations” table and a “delineatedLocations” table in my app, Clipboard25.

I have all the locations listed in the Zoho CRM. I want to integrate the Zoho CRM with my app so that whenever a new client is added or removed from the Zoho CRM, it is added or removed from the spreadsheets that make up my app. This way I don’t have to manually add or remove clients.

I would like to retrieve the fields for every client in the Zoho CRM, format them for the spreadsheet, enter them into the spreadsheet, then regenerate structure for the spreadsheets so the app displays those new clients.

It seems you might have 3 options available to you. I would take a look at the following methods as potential solutions:

  1. You can use a Zapier that will trigger an insert/delete action to your AppSheet app on a Zoho CRM update.

  1. Create an API call from Zoho CRM to AppSheet’s Rest API to update/insert records in your app.
  1. If you have direct access to the database that your Zoho CRM data is connected to, you can just add that table to your App.

How do I access Zoho from AppSheet? I do not see it in the list of data providers.

AppSheet does not have a built in integration with Zoho. You will need to connect via the methods described above.

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