Integrations with Procore

I’d be keen to know if anyone in the community has developed any integrations with Procore. Wanting to automate a PDF workflow from Appsheet into a project file in Procore. There is a ZAP that can integrate GSheets/Procore but I am not that familiar with Procore to know if the ZAP ‘Actions’ will do the job. Thanks in advance.

Hello @Craig_Clancy1
I had once used Procore for one of the projects that I’d been attended as a Project Director. As far as I know they had a great API documentation. Have you thought of using that for your purpose?

Hi Lavent,
My specific need is to file a PDF from an Appsheet workflow directly into a Procore project folder. Looking through the ZAP ACTIONS, there doesn’t appear to be an Action for this.
I have sent an email to Procore APIsupprt for a response.
Is this something you have already done Lavent.

I had used Procore for PM purposes for evaluating EVM for on going projects. Those times I had written some VBA codes for Excel to retrieve data from Procore and import that data to Primavera but never messed with the API. I need to check their API documentation which seems to be documented in high detail. Provided they have a POST endpoint for files, than it’s possible to push AppSheet’s workflow PDF to a specified Procore folder. If so, I can gladly help you out.

It seems what you are requesting to do is quite easily possible:

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