Integromat: OCR, Push Notification, Geolocation, and more

I want to share a very cool web service to do things you cannot do with AppSheet.
Here is a litte Introduce.

Here is what I’m doing:

If a new PDF file is stored in Google Drive, it does the OCR and sends the Text to my AppSheet App. It also converts the multi page PDF into single JPG files and saves them into Google Drive Subfolder. I can open the JPG files then in my AppSheet App.
If a new JPG file gets stored into Google Drive, it’s just doing the OCR and sends the Text to my AppSheet App.
With this I can use OCR also for PDF files.

With the Integromat App on Android, you can create Buttons. When a Button is pressed, it sends a message to my AppSheet App. It also sends a Push Notification to my Windows Chrome Browser.

When you add a new Address in your AppSheet App, it gets converted into Lat&Long via Google Maps and sends it back to your AppSheet App. Now you can create a Slice to show only locations that are 5 km away from you.

I would like to hear about your ideas :slight_smile:

@Phil please consider an AppSheet Integration for Integromat, like we have in Zapier.


Hi @Fabian
Thank you for sharing this tool, I never know. Just watch a few recording, but it looks awesome. My app is basically running on MS SQL, but surprisingly they do have native connector to it.

Such awesome no-code platform will just enhance the power of Appsheet, and extend the capabilities.

Time/era for no-code surely has come.

Anyway, I will look into this tool to consider what sorts things we can do with Appsheet.



Please also request Zapier to add new features like that. :slight_smile:

I just stumbled across those guys randomly yesterday, and though I can’t think of a good way to use this service (for myself) at the moment, I was planning on saving this since it looks waaaaay better than Zap in terms of ease of use.

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Another usecase for Integromat:

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@Fabian must one have an Appsheet Business Subscription for Integromat to send to Appsheet? I assume it uses the Appsheet API

I see there is a Feature Request on Integromat for a native integration into Appsheet

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Hi @Henry_Scott I have a PRO Account and AppSheet API is working wonderful :slight_smile:


Ok great. So unlike Zapier that has Appsheet as an App, you use an HTTP Webhook in Integromat to post to the Apsheet API?..using the Pro Plan to confirm

@Fabian may I ask that you share your knowledge on the HTTP configuration of Integromat?. What exactly is the format that you pass to the Appsheet API. I see you also have an option for JSON in Integromat. You are not using the JSON option, but the HTTP option?

In URL you use the format{appId}/tables/{tableName}/Action described here.

In Headers you paste in Name: ApplicationAccessKey
And in Value: The Application Access Key you find in your App under MANAGE --> INTEGRATIONS --> “IN: from cloud services to your app”.

Then you set
Body type = Raw
Content type = JSON

In Request content you write your JSON like explained here.

In my case it is:
(Key and Status are values that are coming from the first Webhook.)


      "Action" : "Edit",
      "Properties" : {
        "Locale" : "de-DE",
        "Timezone" : "W. Europe Standard Time",
      "Rows": [
        "Key" : "{{8.Key}}",
        "Status" : "{{8.Status}}"

That’s all :slight_smile:


@Fabian wow great guidance. Thanks🙌

Converting PDF into JPG with Integromat


@Fabian hi, I’ve been using Integromat for some time now and there is a problem that seems to happen a lot with google sheets at least, I got for instance a string array (1,2,3) and when tried to split it got nothing. After a long while I’ve used google sheets text to columns option and then it turned out that the “1” was actually not a number but rather a text, the “2” and “3” were numbers. I’m not sure if it’s Integromat or my google sheet, but It makes it harder to use the data. Have you ever encountered something like that yourself?


Hi @1111 no I didn’t but I can suggest you to contact the Integromat Support. They are very fast and very helpful.

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I learned that PNG is much better than JPG. The file size is smaller with better quality and faster loading time. That’s why we added another step: CloudConvert - Optimize a File.
The steps are:

Convert PDF into PNG (you can also set the width and height)

Optimize the PNG

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