Intelligence can be prepare on word documents

I will collect documents from user and based on these documents can i categorised it with specific word in these documents

Please share your input

Instead of word document, I presume you can achieve your task IF the file type is image and let the appsheet OCR to extract all the text inside the image file.

Once Appsheet does extract the texts and strings, then you ask another fieids to do your own valid testing, for example, if it includes XXXX text then it is categorized to XXX group etc.
If not, then categorized to YYYY etc.


Thank you @tsuji_koichi

That is very useful information and provide productive results.
I have another question along with that i have google docs/word document in which i need to find few exact match word if these words are there i can marked that document as β€œyes” else β€œno”

If you can just share overview of this working or flow. It will be narrow to that question