Interactive dahsboard using filter becoming erroneous

I’m trying to set up an interactive dashboard using a filter that affects another view, say V1 and the rows selected from that view affects two other views, say V2 and V3.

When I start working on it, the filter works very well.

But when I select the row from the V1 to filter V2 and V3, the filter view gets blank and I have to click an arrow on the top of the view to bring it back. When I again make a choice, the views V1-V3 remain blank and I again have to click the arrow on the filter view to bring them back. This continues in a cycle.

I guess the “interactive mode” has to do with this. It affects all the views, even those which I dont want to.

Whats the way to correct this?

Demo Video:

Anything @Steve
@Suvrutt_Gurjar ?

I’m sorry for calling out but this is bugging me for a long time and I can’t rest until I solve this for good.

The “Call Filter” view, it is a quick-editable Detail view. Is it by chance set up as a view of the same Table as the 2nd view? You should probably make a completely new Table for this instead. Also, is there some reason why this dashboard needs to be in interactive mode? Seems like no to me.


Yes there is. For now I have omitted the other views that will take part in the interaction as a means to troubleshoot.

No, the views don’t share the same table. They are from different tables. Actually the filter view (that contains the quickedit) is from a slice of the “Users” table. The other view is based to change dynamically based on choice, in a multi user environment.

This was the trick. This solved it. Thanks a lot.