Interactive Dashboard need view blank is nothing selected

I have an interactive dashboard with A:List of rows B:detail for said row C:list of related rows that reference view A. I need the view C to be blank is nothing is selected in A. Currently when nothing is selected in view A, every row is shown in view C.

I don’t think it’s possible with the dashboard’s interactive mode. I suspect you’d have to use a slice and actions in view A to manage the slice.


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Hi @Austin_Lambeth please share the solution, when you found one. I’m also interested in this one :slight_smile:

Oh I already have that solution elsewhere but that situation had more benefits to using it than this one so I wanted to avoid using it.

The solution involved having a Current_X table, in my case Current_Invoice. You will then set the on-click action for the View A as an add to this Current_Invoice table. This row needs to have a timestamp, the row key for their selection, and some sort of key to identify the user. This give you the “same” behavior as when you select a row in an interactive dashboard; you now have an entry to filter the rest of the views in your dashboard on. So from here you need a slice that uses the following formula or returns a single row that is the most recent entry for the current user:

Then you use this slice to filter a slice that is displayed in your dashboard.
This is even more useful if you want to make dashboards that navigate to dashboards. I use it in a main navigation dashboard for invoices and take my users to a filtered dashboard based on their selection. So technically my solution does not do this in its current form but 99% sure it will translate just fine.

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