Interactive Dashboard No Longer Functioning (Part of the time)

I have the following interactive dashboard that looks like this:

The configuration of the dashboard is like this:

And of course now that I am trying to post about my issue the problem is no longer replicating! Anyway, the Report Detail has a Ref column to Water Use Data, which is how I get the two detail views to show up side by side. After some form entries and navigating to other places within the app, if I return to the dashboard view the Report Detail will show correctly, however the adjacent Water Use Data view within the dashboard will just show blank. I was hoping I’m just missing something obvious here but any help would be appreciated.

Ah here we go, was able to replicate it. This happened right after I added some new records and automatically navigated to the dashboard view. Do note that when returning to a table view and going back to existing records and navigating to the dashboard again, the Water Use Data section continues to be blank.

However when I expand the detail view of Water Use Data from within the dashboard, it will show the correct referenced Water Use Data within it’s own detail view.

I would not expect an Interactive Dashboard to work in this instance. I’m surprised that it ever works.

Since one-to-one relationships are not natively available in Appsheet, the system has no way to know which child record to display for the parent, even if there is just one. And even when there is only a single record available to be selected in a typical Interactive Dashboard layout, I believe that record still has to be manually selected.

I think the only thing I could suggest here is to post a feature request to handle this sort of edge-case.

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