Interactive Dashboard using Inline View

I’m stuck!

Working with a 3-pane interactive dashboard.

Left window is the master list of all Client Submissions. User selects a submission and the Details appear in the center window.

At the bottom of each detail view is the list of Related Submissions from that client as an inline/reference

I need the user to be able to select one of these Related Submissions, and see the details in the 3rd/right-most window of the dashboard.

Key consideration is that the Clients/Client Submission database is changing and growing every day. Nothing is static in this parent database.

I have a “pretty good” understanding of AppSheet principles and my instinct says that this is certainly possible, but I’ve just hit a wall. Tossing it to this wonderful community to ask for help and/or examples. Thank you in advance!!


Could try an on click action that adds to a “Current Submissions Table”. Use this Current Submissions table to filter the right most details view. If you only have 1 rows in a slice then a detail view will default to that row.

An action button within the row sounds promising!

I assume that would require adding a virtual column to the data? How should that approach be formatted?

Updated original post to include a picture – I’m clearly a visual learner :grin:

here is where your action would go for the inline view. This is a system view so enable seeing those to find the inline view.

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Here is my slice formula for Current invoices. Make sure to have a user based filter in it to make sure everyone has their own detail view.

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Here is my action that I have in my row selected. User ID is how I track the persons ID, Current Invoice ID is the row key that I want the MaxCurrentInvoice Slice to filter down to, Random Key is my key for CurrentInvoice table which would be your “Current Submissions table”, CurrentTimeStamp is how I find their most recent one so I set it to now, Useremail is here because this pre-dated my User_ID set up.

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This would be the source table for your far right view. This would be limited down to that single submission. Hopefully.

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