Interactive Dashboard View

I have a question related to the Factory Inspection App

When you start the App, the View “Details” is empty. You have to choose one from “Team” to see the Detail in the “Details” view.
Related to the Team -Members is the “LogChartType”.

But even if you don’t select a Team Member, the LogChartType is not blank.
Is it possible to have it blank when there is no Team-member selected?

You could also think of a Dashboard like this:

If you don’t select any Team-Member, the “Team-Member Details” View and the “Team-Member’s last event” View should be blank. Or am I missing something?

@praveen Please consider.

I also experienced the same issue. The default detail view shows the first row in the sheet. Can It be blank before choosing value in their views

@morgan Any input?

I’d welcome some kind of functionality that ‘cleared’ child and grandchild panes on an interactive dashboard. At the moment, you can click on a Grandparent record in an interactive, multi-pane dashboard, but much of the dashboard info will be unrelated, because it still refers to previous selections. It just doesn’t seem ‘right’ or intuitive, from a UX perspective.


Adding @Aleksi and @Steve Do you know if this is possible? Please have a look on my first post. Thank you :blush:

I don’t know. I have almost no experience with dashboard views. :frowning: