Interactive dashboard without ref?

Is it possible to make an interactive dashboard without any ref links?

How would the dashboard be interactive without them? What do you want your dashboard to do?

My “DATA” table has a security filter and edit privileges depended on a comma-separated list in my STAFF table.
It is a little bit complicated if I need to be more descriptive;

In the “DATA” table, I used the expression below in “SANTRAL” column (text type), to pull the value from a “STAFF” table’s “SANTALLER” column.


I want to update my chart when the user selects a "SANTRAL" in my dashboard.

I know it should be a ref to make and an interactive dashboard, but I didn’t know that when I started to construct my app. Now I feel desperate about creating this dashboard.

Consider changing the SANTRAL column from Text to List of Ref to STAFF, with an App formula expression of:


Thank you Steve, but it returns the STAFF_NAME from the staff table. I want a list of values of STAFF[SANTRALLER].

I added a reference picture below for a better understanding.

Reference Picture