Interactive Mode Dashboard. So I have a "To-D...

(Joshua Giles) #1

Interactive Mode Dashboard. So I have a “To-Do” List and it’s assigned to people. The Dash is fantastic at being able to click a name and their lists of “To-Do’s” come up. However, I want to step into that “To-Do” list once it’s been filtered by person to see the details. Is there a setting that allows me to turn off the Interactive mode on specific tables and just has one table (my team’s profile names table) drive all the other tables?

If this isn’t possible, has someone came up with a clever work around?

Even being able to “Group by” at the second level without effecting the first level (What’s seen by the dash) would be helpful. I could then click the top of that table in the dash, then see the grouped by person at the second level and essentially do the same thing. However, there’s no “Level step downs” for my “Group by” setting (I hope that made sense).


(Aleksi Alkio) #2

We don’t have an option to shut down the interactive mode for one view for example. What you can do… add that 3rd view into the same Dashboard view. Another workaround is to create an action that will open the next Dashboard view “level”.

(Joshua Giles) #3

@Aleksi_Alkio How do I write an action that will be on that specific dashboard table and not any of the others?