Interactive Mode Dashboard

I have an Interactive Dashboard containing one area I’d like to be “truly” interactive and the “other” areas would not be interactive. The “other” areas are child records of the parent.

There are 8 sections on the dashboard.

  • The interactive area (2 sections) of the dashboard work as expected.
  • One is a chart/works great
  • One is a table/works great
  • One of the sections is a simple image of the business (profile table) with an overlay action to navigate to a view - it displays as expected.

Three of the sections are deck views representing child data for the business (profile table) in the image section above.

  • When I press a deck view record in 2 of the 3 deck views (deck view 2 and 3) they operate as expected - they do not navigate and do not affect any of the other views as they are child records.
    *** When I press on a record in deck view 1, the business image disappears. When I deselect the record (any record), the image reappears.**

Check/Tried the following:
The 3 deck views have the same relationship to the business image (profile table) (REF_ROW)
The 3 deck views are based directly on the table (no slice)
The 3 deck views have the same exact security filter
I’ve checked the scroll toggle on the business image view - OFF
The slice associated with the business image view - allows updates only - no add capability

What could cause the business image to disappear when a record is selected (highlighted) in deck view 1 when the relationships are exactly the same as deck view 2 and 3?

Can you provide an image?

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So view 1,2 and 3 reference the Profile?
I do not have a ton of experience with interactive dashboards since they did not always interact the way I wanted. I create a current record table and make my on click action an add to current record which filters all my dashboard views.
My only suggestions will unfortunately be generic ones. Check that the children have the proper key to match the parent, that all appropriate columns are set up as references, and check any references between those 3 tables and any other tables maybe a secondary relation is helping/hurting.