Interactive Mode not Working with slices

I have an app that has primarily 2 tables; 1 for Projects (Parent) and second for Transactions (Child) against Projects. The Transactions table has a ref column to the Projects table. I have a dashboard view with inline view for Projects and and Transactions. When I set the ref column in Transactions to the Projects table the interactive dashboard view works correctly. Selecting a project shows only its related Transactions. But when I set the ref column to a slice of the Project Table (For Active Projects), the interactive mode does not work. I have ensured that the slice has the relevant ref rows columns included.

Is it by design or a bg?

I believe you may wish to try following

  1. Please create a slice on child table as well with a filter expression something like
    IN([Projects Table Key], SELECT(Projects[Projects Table Key], [Project Status]="Active’))
    Say this child table slice is called “Transactions Slice”.

  2. Please create a tabe view on this slice as well. Say this table view is called “Transaction Table Slice View”

  1. In the rev reference column in the parent Projects table, you may have expression such as REF_ROWS(“Transactions Slice”, “Projects Table Key”) and in column settting of that column also, please include “referenced Table Name” as “Transactions Slice”

  2. Please base your dashboard views on the views created on slices of Projects table ( You already have it ) and Transactions Table (Created in step 2 above)

Thanks for the suggestion Suvrutt_Gurjar. So I tried it exactly as you said but unfortunately it did not work. I also tried a slice on the child table with the expression [Project].[Project Status]=“Active” which in theory is similar to the expression you have given. But again the “interactiveness” does not work when slices are selected in the ref column in Transactions Slice. But when I change the ref column source table from slice to the original parent table Projects then the interactive mode starts working.

Oh ok. You may wish to recheck the steps please.

When I shared the steps with you, I actually tested those on a sample app before sharing with you. As you said , initially just by changing the parent slice, it was not working.When I created slice on child table also with same condition as that on parent table slice ( I mean similar to a status of acive projects in your case) , I could get the interactive dashboard to work.

Please ensure that your Ref column in the child table is on Parent table only and not on Parent Slice.

My test app slices

Slice on parent table “Orders” for Open oders

Slice on child table "Order Details"

Rev ref column settings in parent "Order Table"

Interactive dashboard on "Orders ( Open Orders) and Order Details Slice

Here the order ID for all child records is same as that selected in parent table.

That is what is causing the issue I believe. As I am intentionally trying to set the source to Parent slice rather than the parent table. The reason for trying to set source to parent slice rather table is that when I add a new transaction and want to add a new project from the transactions form view I want it to take me to the slice view of Project table (Has filtered columns that i need) rather than the original table. I tried using the slice on parent table in data validation of transaction slice to achieve similar results but to no avail.

So I guess I should streamline my question by saying that can the interactive mode still work if I select parent slice rather than original table in ref column source table of child table or child slice?

Thank you for the latest additional information and rephrasing the requirement. I think I have understood your new requirement.

I believe you can still achieve the intended behavior by having the following setting. Well, additional requirement / constraint means additional logic.

Yes, please continue to have your reference column setting on parent table and not on parent table slice. In addition to the 4 steps described above, in the reference column in the child table that references the parent Projects table, please have a valid_if constraint such as below

IF(CONTEXT(“View”)=“Transactions Slice_Form”, SELECT(Projects[Projects Table Key], [Project Status]=“Active”),SELECT(Projects[Projects Table Key], TRUE))

This expression ensures that when you navigate to the Transactions ( Slice) form, only Projects with “Active Status” are available in drop down while selecting project ID ( or name) in your reference column in Transactions (Slice) form.

The relevant images from the test app with similar test setup below,

Interactive Dashboard view. On the left Orders view. It is parent table slice with with open orders. On the right, order details slice view. On the right, only shortlisted child records are there for the selected parent record. Please pay attention to the right hand top corner encircled in red to expand the child slice view.

Expand the child slice view. The following view will appear. Please pay attention to encircled add icon at right hand bottom side.

Click on Add sign. New child table form appears. Please pay attention to encircled Order ID reference column.

Please expand the Order ID column. All tghose order IDs in the drop down are for “Open Orders” only ( Equivalent to “Active” projects in your case)

Basically, while going to parent table from the child table , you will necessarily need to select an existing parent record. The above mentioned addition in logic ensures that when you navigate to select parent record from the child record slice, it restricts the user to only parent record IDs with "Active " status.

Hope this helps.


Thanks it does get me the result that is required. Suvrutt_Gurjar thanks for the help!!!

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