Interactive mode

i make interactive mode dashboard and it’s not work… some idea?
what exactly the stage to do interactive dashboard?

You probably don’t have any reference between your tables.

i have reference as you can see in image that he wrote how many rows belong to all kind… but when i click on one of row in “מסווג” nothing happen…

can you tell me what exactly the stage to make interactive dashboard?


If you give the account ID, app name and view name I could check your app. You would need to give the access from My Account > Settings.

Thank you

did you see?

did you see???

Hi, I checked your app and it seems that you don’t have any relationship beween tables. It means that you need to have parent and children tables and when you click the parent record, it will show you only related child records on another view in the Dashboard.

How do i make relation?

You need to use Ref column type.

Can you explain me more please or give me a link exactly how to do that reference?

Please check this article…

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