Interactive table - slice or slice - slice

Dear all,
I’m a newbie with appsheet. Please help:
I have a huge data base and it is only in 1 table, therefore I really dont want to separate them to small tables. I know how to make dashboard and make it interact between 2 tables but here I only have 1 table so I have tried:
1/ Create multiple ref views on put them on dashboard (no slice) but I could not make them interactive.
2/ Create multiple slices and ref slice view for each slice then put them on the dashboard but I also could not make interactive between slice - slice or table - slice.
Which way I should choose and how can I make interactive dashboard for table - slice, slice - slice? Actually I dont know what does REF property of the column (you will set when you create interactive dashboard between 2 tables) really do and how do I make it for the slice.

Well not much info here, but sounds like you need to create some SLICES, and filter out some data there.
Then use the slices as base for your UX views. And you can combine them in a dashboard view.
Actions can then be used to take you to different views.


Hi @Lam_Vu
Check out slices.[doc_type][0]=Documentation&is_v=1


Thanks khuslid. Action may take me to different views, it is not my problem. I want make it interactive on current dashboard only.
Thanks Lynn, I could not find out any solutions with your link.
It seems to be i want to create details view properties for table view.
I attach more information, please help me check it out.

Is there anyone can help?
Normally to create interactive dashboard we will make REF between 2 tables.
But now I only have 1 table so I need to create REF between 2 slices in the same way with table.