Intermittent Email Delivery Problems Since November 16, 2020 Has Been Fixed

We have just found and fixed a problem that was preventing emails from being delivered for some email recipients.

We made a domain name change that inadvertently broke the email return path (where email delivery metadata is sent) to Unfortunately, some email servers validate the return path when making delivery decisions (that is, they may reject email without a valid return path domain).

We have restored the original DNS configuration which should fully resolve the issue.


@Phil nice find!

Thank you! We have been suffering because of that and working with Appsheet support. I see it’s solved and e-mail coming.


fkn A :smiley: Good Job guys.

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This problem has returned! Not sure what’s going on but is frustrating! Cant do business without my order going through.

Emails are not sent to gmail accounts either. I thought it was an issue with my domain emails accounts.

@Vlad_Roman Are you still seeing the same behavior?

For me, it looks workflow email function is completely down.
I dont receive any email after firing workflow even on the production app which has been working fine.

Mandrill is not claiming any outage though.

At least for me the workflow e-mail function is down.
Users do not receive any e-mail although the dashboard shows that the workflow was executed without any errors.

Obviously outage is going on… again. :pensive:


We seem to have the same issue!

Thanks for all. We are investigating the issue…

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We also do not receive any E-Mails.
User ID: 1272826

Thank you all. We have confirmed that Mandrill has indeed stopped delivering email, we are not sure why though and are actively investigating right now and reaching out to them to understand what is happening. We’ll keep you posted but I wanted to confirm we all up and awake here on the west coast investigating this actively until resolved.


All sent emails are received. The issue is fixed for now.

HI Everyone,
Thank you everyone for your patience with us.
Mandrill should be starting to send all email again. Looks like the backlog has cleared and every email should have now been sent.
The short story is for some reason which we are still investigating, our automatic purchase of additional email block (which we have done for years on an as needed basis) failed. We updated our credentials and we were able to increase email block which reopened the flow gate with Mandrill.
We’ll continue our investigation and root cause analysis of why this happened in order to insure we take the appropriate measure so that it doesn’t happen again.
We sincerely apologize for the disruption of business this might have caused you. We will learn from it and harden our billing infrastructure so that this situation cannot happen again.


Not sure if this is what is affecting me. At some point i was affected and I was randomly receiving emails. Now I am not receiveing at all. Is this still related to the “solved” issue? I have not touched anything on my report since then. I have not receiceived emails since las 5th of december…
Can someone please take a look at this?

Please contact for help with this.

@Steve Thanks! Will do!

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