Intermittent Error 400 and Error 500 For Workflow Email PDF

For the past two days, we have seen several reports of intermittent Error 400 and Error 500 problems when workflow rules attempt to create PDF attachment files. I reported this problem to PDF Rocket support. PDF Rocket is the web service we use to create PDF attachment files.

I just got a response from PDF Rocket support.
They have had an intermittent outage which was causing these Error 400 and Error 500 problems.
They have now corrected these problems.
Here is the text of the response they sent me describing why the problem occurred and what they are doing to avoid such problems in the future.

PDF Rocket support wrote:

"Thanks for your patience. Full service has been restored. We apologize for any inconvenienced caused. Furthermore, we have restored 3 weeks’ worth of credit back into your account.

More information:

We’ve had an outage that caused 1 in 5 requests to fail. This seems to have been caused by excessive disk space utilization. At the same time, our support staff had issues accessing the support mailbox.

We are making the following changes to ensure this doesn’t happen again:

Doubling our server fleet size.

  1. Increasing processing power on servers by a factor of 4 (i.e. resulting in a total 8-fold increase in PDF conversion capability).
  2. Improving granularity of our monitoring.
  3. Re-imaging our servers on a weekly basis as a workaround until we can find the root cause of the excessive disk space utilization.

In addition, we will be moving from email based support to a better support desk system (with announcements, automated assistance and better keeping customers informed an up to date)."


Hi @Phil san,

I understand this is only applicable to a case where we use HTML file type as attachment template ?
Still Mandrill is service to generate report out of Google doc etc, so it wont be a case we user Google doc as templete.

The issue was also present with Google Docs templates

HTML, Google Doc, and Word templates all yield HTML which is them converted to PDF.
Since all three of these template types yield HTML which is converted to PDF, all three were affected.


Regarding our plan to overcome these issues in future. We are targeting end of year release for integration with Google Services for generating HTML, PDFs, Images etc and sending emails. This is to provide better support and faster time to resolution.


I can see the problem again when I’m saving documents on google drive. But the same is working when documents are saved on OneDrive.

I used workflows --> Action DocuCreate . It creates a PDF document and saved into Google Drive.

Then I’ve a virtual column to display the same PDF from the app.
Column Type–> File.
Formula —> Concatenate(“Attachments”, [ID],".pdf").

the error is “404 - File or directory not found.”

I think you have to wait about 30 seconds until the pdf document is created.

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