Internal App Error messages

Hey, I’ve got a workflow rule that prevents users from overdrawing inventory from a source. I have it check if them finishing a “movement form” creates a negative quantity anywhere and then if it does it deletes that row from the “movement form” and on mobile sends a push notification why that was an error and that it deleted that last row.
If I’m doing this on desktop however, there doesn’t seem to be any good way of notifying the user that this workflow triggered and that they overdrew inventory from a location. Any suggestions besides email?

You can also send SMS messages or Notifications.

But assuming I’m only on the desktop version and don’t have my phone next to me, there’s nothing I can have pop up in the browser mode to notify the user?

I am not aware of a way to send a notification to a user via the browser, but someone else in the community may know of a way.

Perhaps it could trigger an action that takes you to a view where the message is displayed? Can a workflow trigger an action besides data change?

Workflow can trigger a Data Change Action or Grouped Action but nothing else.