Introduce some sort of option to revive the row grouping when the view is placed on dashboard

As discussed in other thread in the community before, currently there is no option/mechanism is available to revive the state of row grouping for list type views such as table, deck, when the view is placed within dashboard.
For instance, the typical dashboard is comprised of table view along with detail view with interactive mode ON, where user click the row in table view, then detail view to show the details.
In case we apply grouping to the table view and then use hit the column names, the grouping is disappering and the rows are sorted by the selected column. Then end of story. We have no way to revive the grouping whatsoever we do. We move to another view and returns to the dashboard, then grouping on table view stay lost. Sync app explicitly. No gain. Table view is not showing groping any more.

In this sense, the grouping on list table PLUS dashboard view make the grouping of row SHORT LIVE, which is making no sense to do grouping, as it is easily lost and no way to revive.

Wish to have sort of action or any solutions to revive grouing feature within dashboard view.

On the dashboard, hit the colomn on the table view where grouping is made.
Then we lose the grouping completely, no way to bring the grouping back and up after that.

This is current behavior of Appsheet.

The only one solution is deeply refresh and reload app by hitting CTR + R on Chrome. THe app restart and then we recover the original state, i.e. grouping on the dashboard view, but this is not totally ideal.


I have requested this feature last year, but apparently not yet considered as developer’s priority. Anyway, as someone wise said, never give up hope. To be honest right start from the beginning I thought of it as a luxury feature and not as a 'must have functionality.
But my students do! See, new generation is addicted to luxury​:smirk::blush::hugs: