Introducing Action Steps

As continuation of the announcement made earlier we are excited to introduce some new additions to Automation:

  • Change Data step
  • Run action on rows action
  • Grouped action action

New Step: The “Change Data” step simplifies the bot authoring experience by allowing data actions to be used with a process as a first class step instead of being a sub-category of “Run a task” step. (See the attached screen shots that show the before and the new design.

Composite Actions:
“Run action on rows” (also known as Reference actions) allow you to run a data change action on a sequence of rows of a table.
“Grouped actions” allow you to run a sequence of data change actions on one row.
See this for more details (scroll to the “Composite Actions” section)

We will be rolling out these changes over the next few days starting tomorrow. Any processes that are currently using the “Run a task” step of type “Change Data” will automatically be converted to use the “Change Data” step instead. No action is required on your part.

Please continue to provide feedback as we introduce these series of enhancements.




That’s great! I could have used that just 5 minutes ago, haha.


Great news. I’ve only used bots a few times and yesterday hit this issue. It was not intuitive to have to create a Task first.

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