Invalid date for same data type/format

Hi, i am using a table from google meet audit wich has a date-time column, this is an example of the data:
8 jun 2021 18:13:01 GMT-4

Appsheet recongnize the data as datetime in most of the rows but not all, for example for this row gives “invalid data”

29 abr 2021 16:00:13 GMT-4

i cant understand why, is the same format, locale, datetime, etc. Same view, just some rows are ok and thers give invalid data

I think it has to do with the way the short names of months are recognized. I do not have solution but probably reason why it is happening. If you try the date in April as

29 apr 2021 16:00:13 GMT-4 instead of 29 abr 2021 16:00:13 GMT-4

I think the date will show.

I believe English abbreviations of names are getting recognized. So I believe you will have no problem in recognizing dates in February( feb), June (jun), July ( jul), October (oct) and November(nov) because for those months the English and Spanish abbreviations are the same.

As for the solution, you may wish to try uniform locale settings across the app, spreadsheet, browser and device.

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Yes that is correct. I made a table in spreadsheet with month and corresponding number, in order to query the number from the spanish name (i had to split the datetime) so with this number, the day and year i did something like =date(A1;B1;C1) and it works.
Thanks for the quick reply!

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