Invalid Expression - Workflow

Guys, can you help?


On a workflow templare (docx) I need to pull the [BranchName] from table Admin" where [Branch] of this row = [Branch] in “Admin”.

The error is below:

Failed: Action not performed because 2 errors are present. Error: Workflow rule ‘Email Customer Quote’ action ‘EmailCustQuote’ Attachment template. Expression ‘FILTER(“Admin”, AND([Branch]=[_THISROW].[Branch]))’ is invalid due to: Condition AND(([Branch] = [ID].[Branch])) has an invalid structure: at least 2 subexpression(s) required. Error: Workflow rule ‘Email Customer Quote’ action ‘EmailCustQuote’ Attachment template. Start expression ‘FILTER(“Admin”, AND([Branch]=[_THISROW].[Branch]))’ should generate a List of Ref values. Please verify that it generates a List and that the contents of the List are Ref values. Ref values should come from the ‘Key’ column of the referenced table…

But I don’t understand why this is.
Can you guys help with this?
Much appreciated.

What don’t you understand?

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Hi Steve, the expression looks ok to me, all the elements are there, I can’t see teh invalid structure…
[Branch] Is in both the “Admin” table and the “Customers” table.

The workflow works from the customer table, looks at the admin table and if branch and branch are the same pull the branch name.
Admin only has one row for each branch and branchname.

AND() expression requires at least 2 parameters/sub-expressions to evaluate. The AND expression in your FILTER expression has only one, that’s the problem. Remove the AND from the FILTER and try:

<<Start: FILTER(“Admin”, ([Branch]=[_THISROW].[Branch]))>><<[BranchName]>><<End>>

An oversight from my perspective then…
I’m testing from the worksflow, thanks for your support guys.

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The workflow test says: SUCCESS

Thank you guys.

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You’re very welcome.

Just a thought guys.
Would the expression work if I wanted to have a logo on the top of the template, meaning change the image relating to the branch?

If you set a proper expression for that, yes of course.

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Thanks Levent

You’re very welcome