Invalid Operator?

I have a column called [End Downtime], type DateTime. I want to send an email if the difference between [End Downtime] and current time is less than 30minutes. When I input the expression/condition as

TOTALMINUTES([End Downtime]-NOW()<30), Appsheet returns an error message that Date Arithmetic expression ([End Downtime]-NOW()) has an invalid operator

Like to know where I went wrong with the express in order to achieve the desired outcome.


Your closing parenthesis is in the wrong place.

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Hi Marc
I amended it to
TOTALMINUTES([End Downtime]-NOW())<30

Still showing the same error message. The closing parenthesis is now correct, right?

It works fine for me:

Please double check that your DateTime column really is DateTime type, as if I replace that with just a text column in the expression I get your same error:


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Found out what’s the issue.

I have 2 tables with the same column name but different data type.

While I specifically chose the one with the datetime data type, I guess Appsheet somehow decided (on its own?) to use the other (which is Text data type).

Renaming the column seems to solve the problem.


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If you provide a screenshot of the complete expression, we might be able to explain why it chose the wrong column.

Hi Steve

as requested

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And the workflow rule was for Table Job Assignment ?

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tks for pointing that out. Renaming the column did not solve the problem. Changing the Table from Checklist to Job Assignment did.

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