Invalid update mode expression

There is a certain bag in the system.
let’s say I made a Security filter on my Data table.
now i have changed my Table, so i regenerate the structure of the table and i’m waiting to reload the app.
now i’m geting a red alert says that its “invalid update mode expression”.

If I refresh the page Everything is normal So actually the system is kind of OK and the conflict with heraself So it’s only a visual thing…

Please post a screenshot of the error message.

I myself have encountered transient error messages that seemingly resolve themselves with a simple browser refresh. For me, they happen very infrequently and resolve quickly.

Yes ofcourse that’s the only solution that can resolving it.
actually it’s not a problem, it’s a conflict between the system what’s comes first.

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and now, a simple refresh will solve the problem

Yep, that’s exactly the behavior I’ve seen.

Hi All
I am having a similar issue but the issue is a column.

Table ‘PROVIDERS’ has an invalid update mode expression ‘=IF( LOOKUP(USEREMAIL(), “USERS”, “LOGIN”, “MEMROLE”) = “ADMIN”, “ADDS_AND_UPDATES”, IF( [PROVMAN] = USEREMAIL(),“UPDATES_ONLY”,“READ_ONLY” ) )’. Unable to find column ‘PROVMAN’.

The expression builder does not reflect an error, but when I save I get the above.

Any ideas ?

The update mode expression cannot reference column values directly. This is invalid: