Inventory App - Current Stock Column Syncing Help

I am building a warehouse app, and it’s my first time using the AppSheet platform, so I am still getting familiar with the makeup and options with development.

I am using this sample application, and need some help with the “Current Stock” value being pushed on to the actual Google Sheet itself. I realize this question has been asked by many before, and I did my best to try the solutions presented in those, but I was still unable to do so.

Here is my understanding and how I went about trying to sync the “Current Stock” column:

Since it is a virtual column, I created a physical column and set it equal to [Current Stock].

But the column only gets updated when the Product List Table is edited, whereas I need it to update the column when a change is made to the Sales or Purchases Table.

Then I tried to set up a webhook workflow to trigger the edit + sync for both tables as a ‘Sale’ is made.

Target Data: Sales
Update Event: Adds & Updates

Preset: AppSheet Edit Row
Table: Product List

The above didn’t work, so I tried out having Current Stock columns in each table, then calling a parent-child sync event, however, even that had to be triggered by going into the “Product List” table then syncing.

I even tried to use the webhook and API to copy updated records, but I had no success with that, maybe due to setting it up incorrectly, not too sure.