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Good day ,

I was using this app from appsheet as a example .

But is there away to make it that a user cannot make the inventory stock go into a negative ?


Hi @Liam_663
You can set the valid if of your quantity sold column.


Thank you very much for the Reply Lynn.

However I keep getting a error that the column cannot be located.

Hi @Liam_663
This was just an example from my app. Your column names may be different.

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Hi Lynn ,

No my Column names are the same , is your Current Stock a Virtual table ?

This is how the data is set up

Hi @Liam_663
I have a current stock column in my sales table as well(I probably shouldn’t have two columns with the same name) it is another virtual column which has this formula
ANY(SELECT(Products[Current Stock],[Product Barcode] = [_THISROW].[Product Barcode]))


You may check out the Stock management2 app demo


Hi @Liam_663

@Lynn just exposed how to get the current stock with a virtual column

  SELECT(Products[Current Stock],
    [Product Barcode] = [_THISROW].[Product Barcode]

You may want to try this expression as well in the valid_if of the column [Quantity], from the table Sales:
[Quantity]<=[Product barcode].[Current Stock]
Because your Product Barcode si of type Ref, you can use dereference expression to get its current stock.

Please see also:

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Hi again @Liam_663

At looking at previous posts, I found this one:

If my understanding is correct, you ask the exact same question, twice: this is redundant.
I understand you did not find out how to solve your situation, but a simple reminder would have done the job :slight_smile:

I understand also that you are very new to AppSheet, this is why I suggest you have a look to this post explaining good practices on the community:

So, I wish you a warm welcome, and can’t wait to see if you managed to solve your situation ! :cowboy_hat_face:

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