Inventory List in every order


I have a question about my project and what is the best way to go.

So I am currently building an app for gardening service, where client can create order with some specs about adress, name, etc. Next step comes to play when workers from gardening service finished an order. I created a long long sheet with some specs about work they did.
Now comes my question, I need to create a list of items, where workers can add a specific material or parts they used on order. Client would like to have it in a form of list where is a name, picture of material, maybe price(not essencial) and +/- for adding a item. It could be done easily with form I think, but there would be just a name and +/-.
Do you guys have any tips or specific examples of how his could be solved in a clean way?
Don’t forget, every item has to be a part of order where it was used.

Thanks for your time.

You may wish to refer the sample app order capture for understanding a similar functionality if not exactly the same.

Products in the sample app could be similar to material or parts. The rest of the functionalities are there too. Your app will of course need some variations as per your requirement.


thanks for fast response. In this one you can add items just one by one if I understand correctly. That is not ideal. In my app workers need to add a lot of types of items at once. This would take them too long.
I would like to do something like a Products from this sample app with +/-, where they can just select how many of which material they used using +/-. But all those items would be always connected to a order they worked on. So each order needs to have its own list of products.

You are welcome.

Yes , you are correct.

Maybe that is possible. I am sure someone else will share ideas in this direction. I am unable to immediately think of an approach to achieve the needful.

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what do we do if we have child parts for a product ?