Inventory Management

Hello All, I am new to all of this.
Bare with me.

I am trying to build an app for our staff members. I want to show case all of the products we currently carry and order on a regular basis in the office.

the column categories would be Name, Descrtiption of what it does, organs or systems it works on the best with, and what major conditions is best known for.

What I am trying to see is if it is possible to create a search function for the staff members where they can put in a single word, along with being able to filter out specific categories/columns of information.

And have it be very user friendly.

Sort of like when you are on zillow and put in all the different pieces of information on what your looking for and then you are given results within that parameter.

I am asking because we are looking at be a resource database. Not just for supplements, but for people that we refer out to, documents/educational materials for certain things, or exercises that would help the patient.

So if we typed in diabetes, then filter out supplements, then it would give me people, books, research, or devices that can help someone that has diabetes.