Inventory work flow question

Hi guys, I have a question to see if this is even possible. My current workflow needs to be as follows

  1. Inventory pallets come in(size depends on product), they get scanned in.

  2. When someone needs an individual unit they from a pallet they get what they need, let’s say 2 individual units they scan those.

Im trying to wrap my head around it, my current thought process is to multiply the pallets by the number of individual units. For example, let’s say someone scans 3 pallets of water bottles each pallet has 20 water bottles. So I would write a formula to multiply it by 20. So in total, there are 60 water bottles, and then when individual units are needed they can just scan those out. The problem im facing is there are multiple product water bottles, sodas, etc.

Is there a way to set up barcodes to automatically multiply by a certain number?

For example barcode#1 automatically multiples by 30, barcode#2 automatically multiplies by 20

Thank you

After thinking about this I think I came up with a solution. Is there a way to tie in a certain quantity number with a barcode???