Invetory reduction function not working

(Svlab Shared) #1


I have copied the Order Capture App and adjusted some basic features, but then I noticed that the Invetory reduction function is not working. when I add the product the numbers on the data doesn’t change or reduce any quantity
I checked everything is as default on the Order capture but not working only works when I reduce it manualy from edit in the table of the app for products.
Please help

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

It sounds that you are using normal column with an app formula for your calculation. You probably should use virtual column for that calculation.

(Svlab Shared) #3

does virtual column modify the normal or related column ?

What formulas or setup can you provide me with that I can use to make this work?

(Aleksi Alkio) #4

No, it doesn’t modify your other column(s). You would need to use the same formula that you are already using with the normal column. When you try to calculate something with the normal column and app formula, the app will recalculate the result only, when you open that record and save it. When you calculate something with the virtual column (and app formula), it will recalculate every time when you sync the app.