iOS defaults to Apple Map for directions - Can I force Google Maps which is installed?

I’m new to AppSheet and in trying out the National Parks app, when seeking driving directions, iOS wants to open in Apple Maps (which I do not have installed) instead of Google Maps (which I do have installed). Within the app, the map view displays just fine and appears to be using Google Maps to do so.

Are there settings or is there some code I can edit that will force driving directions to open in Google Maps on iOS devices? Not only do I like Google Maps better, I just don’t have space on my phone for both.

Odd! A developer recently posted this:

I don’t have access to an iOS device, so I can only speculate here. My guess is when you tap for driving directions, the app just hands off the URL to iOS, and iOS handles it in its own way. Apple probably has a built in rule to intercept driving direction requests and handle them with Apple Maps. If that’s the case, you’d have to reconfigure iOS. Or perhaps reinstall Google Maps so it can reinstall its own driving directions intercept?

Good thoughts, Steve. I had seen other references to Google Maps being the default but chalked that up to the in-app map displays (which don’t do routing). I suspect you are right about passing the parameters to iOS and will try re-installing G-Maps as an experiment. I’ll also keep watch here in case any other replies come through.

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I found the problem. I hadn’t noticed that Google Maps had auto-uninstalled to save space. Once I re-installed, the driving directions link in the sample app opened Google Maps instead of looking for Apple Maps. Thanks for the push in the right direction, Steve.

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