iOS import images from google drive folder into App

My workflow consists of linking images, which are hosted on a Google drive folder, into appsheet records. Multiple new images are added per day and need to be assigned to records in appsheet.

This is simple to do through a browser window but seems to be impossible on the iOS app, which means it can’t be done when out and about. I can only get the option to import from the Photos app and even if I import the photo from the Google drive to the photos app, it often just doesn’t work and really is an extra and uneccessary step.

Is there a way to get the iOS app to allow us to choose and image file from any location rather than forcing us into using the Photos app ?

I believe the recently introduced new feature to read google drive folder as table will help you out. Did you check?

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I can’t find any information on this. Am I correct in understanding that I can create a table from a folder of images in google drive - I assume each image would be one record - and then in the App search the table for the image I need and link the URL into the record I need the image to go into?

I’m unclear how to go about having a folder of images be automatically made into a table in Appsheet.

It would just seem easier to be allowed to just search for an image in iOS like we can in a browser and import it - beacuse the links would be made automatically.

Thanks for any advice.

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Ah nice - I’ll look at this on the weekend - I think I can see how to make it work.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

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This is still preview mode, but it should be powerful features for sure. Not recommended to use in production app, but better to start to study to get ourself prepared to add more fuel to our apps.

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