IOS message when launching app

When launching an app from a shortcut on an iPhone a message is confusing app users: “Open this page in AppSheet: Cancel or Open”. Open starts the app. But Cancel gives another message: “Safari cannot open the page because the address is invalid. OK”. Nothing happens when OK is tapped. The app needs to be closed and launched again. There is no setting in AppSheet that fixes this.
How can I get rid of these message so that tapping shortcut just opens the app?


Let me check this from our iOS experts…

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Hi Aleksi

Any news on this issue would be appreciated.

This appears to be a bug with iOS exposed when Cancel is chosen in this context. Apple tells us it will be fixed in an upcoming release. Until then, AppSheet developers are reviewing the problem again to see if there’s anything more to be done. Sounds like, though, you shouldn’t hold your breath for a near-term fix. :frowning: