IoT We're looking into integrating IoT capabi...

IoT We’re looking into integrating IoT capabilities into AppSheet. We know this has been requested for some time now. Could the people who want this feature please share the use cases they have in mind? What kind of IoT devices are you going to use?

Some technical details on how those devices communicate?


The use case I have in mind is the car rental business, I have developed some basic apps for such a company, here IOT devices can be put to use.

Rental car workers can use IoT technologies to monitor the car’s fuel level and odometer, eliminating the pen-and-paper process when customers return the automobiles. Alternatively, IoT platforms can help locate any vehicle in real-time, which is especially useful if the car is not returned to the proper location. Rental car company employees won’t have to hunt down cars or even be in the vehicle to monitor its use, and drivers can find out about any additional charges quickly.

On a larger scale, the IoT will help rental car companies understand how customers use their cars. Companies can track GPS locations to find out more about why people rent their vehicles. This data can also help improve mapping for future use. Since the IoT provides real-time data, rental companies could deliver more targeted ads to local restaurants or tourist events as well.

Global car rental company, Hertz offers a 24/7 hourly rental service for businesses, which includes keyless cars that can be booked online, by phone, or on the app etc.

Any wearable fitness device like Fitbit and the Garmin Forerunner etc. to log heartbeat, distance walked etc etc so that it can be integrated into Corporate Wellness Apps

Bluetooth beacon advertisement logging if in proximity of the device running the Appsheet app for RTLS tracking of assets.

@Gil_Littman_AppSheet to add to my BLE Beacon comment above - these devices also contain the ability to measure, temperature, humidity, speed/movement, open/close detection, human sensing as well as lat/long and even floor level in a building etc etc

Also see my article posted a while back -

Here is also on the Google Developer forum Help Docs how to get Beacons in your App

BLE Beacons are being used in Healthcare as well through the PHDI - Personal Health Devices Interface - INGICS | BLE Sensor Beacon / Tag INGICS | BLE Sensor Beacon / Tag

I would also use it to control devices. For instance, in a smart house, an action button activates an electric device in your home.
Lets say you have an app that the ble tokens in a building “know” that you are nearby and the lights are turned on and then off when you are no longer there.