iPad app, not able to login with different user using Google account?


I am using iPad and I am unable to login with different user directly using Google account. I login with my credentials, when I log out and try to login with different user, also using Google, it directly login to my account, without asking information. So I think it is a bug.

The only way to login with different user is to delete the app and download it again. Please fix it, as there will be different people that will login using the same iPad.

I think I’ve observed something which I believe is related although I have the opposite problem. I don’t want my apps to keep asking me to log in when I use my 4 different Apps on my Android phone.

What I believe is related is that when it asks me for login, it doesn’t ask for my password, as if it’s remembering a login from before.

I’ve documented this weird login issue here: