iPad Split View

I would love to be able to use the AppSheet app as a multi-window app in Split View.

So far I’ve only been able to find 2 alternative solutions:

  1. Open AppSheet and then add an additional app as a SlideOver. This is a compromise because it covers up AppSheet partially hiding information.

  2. Run the app “full screen” in a web browser and then use that in Split View with the other app. This works well with a couple bugs.

First is the buttons that sit at the bottom of the app are frequently covered up by the Shortcuts bar when using a physical keyboard. This can be disabled in the Physical Keyboard settings by turning off “Shortcuts” and “Predictive Text”.

Second, when selecting a date in the browser in a Date Time field, I often run into this error where the Date Time wheel will not disappear no matter what I do. Safari has to be force closed.

I absolutely love how easy it has been to build my own app and it has saved me SO much time and nearly eliminated mistakes that were costing me customers and reputation.

Please add support for Split View on iPad.

That’s a great call out. I’ll record this feature request and report it during our weekly feature request meetings! If it is accepted as high enough priority it will be added to our running backlog.