is anybody able to help suggest a reason why ...

(Bradley Kennedy) #1

is anybody able to help suggest a reason why my spreadsheet might contain blank lines every now and again? (see attached screenshot).

i have 32 users and it is possible that sometimes more than one are submitting around similar times. However, in the example below, the user was submitting at 3pm and nobody else was at that time. Any suggestions or ideas?

(Philip Garrett) #2


Does your app allow records in that table to be deleted?

(Bradley Kennedy) #3

Ah yes it does! - I didn’t realise that the spreadsheet behaviour would be to clear the row rather than physically delete. Thanks for that!

(Philip Garrett) #4


Some apps rely on the worksheet row numbers not changing, so we don’t shift the rows on delete. This is vital when row number is the key (which we discourage).

You can eliminate the empty rows by: 1.

Waiting until the app is entirely quiet and no client has pending queued changes. 2. Open the worksheet and remove the empty rows. 3. Have your clients do a Sync when they next connect.