Is anyone receiving inquiries on emails not generating today?

Hello, I received 3 customer calls today of emails not generating 2 are from customers I almost never hear from. Is anyone else having the same issue?

The service driving email generation for Appsheet is down right now (Mailchimp Transactional/Mandrill):

It looks like it’s impacting emails with attachments. Here’s a workaround to get the attachment without the email, if that helps solve the problem on some level: My app is not generating pdf document

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Ok got it. Has any timing information been communicated on when it’ll be back up and running?

Negative. I’m following Mailchimp/Mandrills twitter for updates; nothing yet. I know Appsheet has reached out to them as well, and am sure they’ll follow up with an update once they have one.

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Are there other twitter accounts to follow that are related to AppSheet features? I would think AppSheet would retweet MailChimp’s info but they didn’t.


Hi Lucinda, We would if we had any updates to share on this… Unfortunately we don’t yet.


Their Twitter thread says it has been resolved.
Can you confirm in your case please?

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Clients are reporting their emails started arriving over here.


Thank you Daisy