Is appsheet down 2021-01-22?

Appsheet appears down, the website was even down.

How long will this outage last?

Come join us, my friend, the Appsheet team is aware of the issue and will post updates on this thread Error: Server Error when trying to access my apps

No information on that yet, but the site appears to be working again. At least in my case

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ty, first time posting this forum.


Should be back up now.

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Our daily release had to be rolled back as soon as we released. Unfortunately, this issue could not be caught in our internal testing, end-to-end testing or pre-production environments. Combination of load and certain customer scenarios triggered the issue.

As we are working to identify the root cause and fixes, we will be making immediate changes to the way releases are being pushed.

More detailed update on root cause to follow soon.


Update: We have been working on reliability of our platform for past weeks. And as part of it we are making underlying changes to the monitoring and alerting infrastructure. These changes will enable us to identify and resolve issues before they are reported by our users.

Today’s issue was due to resource exhaustion bug by one of these changes. Our team has since identified the root cause and plan to roll the fix out over the weekend.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. On a positive note, these changes will help get the platform to a much better state.