Is Appsheet down 9-23-2021?

Can’t open any apps or appsheets site, anyone else having this?



Confirmed in UK

Error: Server Error

The server encountered a temporary error and could not complete your request.

Please try again in 30 seconds.

YES, it’s down

@Steve :slight_smile:

Same problem here

We were southern US. so multinational

Same here in Poland.

same here, southern US

same here in Paraguay

Yes, it’s down and I just got an email notification! I set it up a while ago using and just now confirmed that it works!

DIY AppSheet Server Status Monitor and Alerts!
I just found and set up an alert for when one of my apps goes offline. I’m using a sample app that’s deployed and does not require sign-in, so that the monitoring service can ‘ping’ the app, instead of the login screen.

AppSheet uses regionally distributed servers, and outages often only affect certain accounts or regions. This gives us a way to specifically monitor the apps within our own account. And you can monitor up to 10 sites for free!

I originally posted this to the Slack group, which also has an RSS feed for other Google service outages, as well as Microsoft. Here’s the invite link for anyone interested in joining:

I set these notifications up because Google has a status page but still has not added AppSheet…


Same in Mexico

So can’t submit support tickets via email. Ok, well this doesn’t work when the support form is also taken down by the incident I need to submit a ticket for.

I confirm the problem! Russia.

Appsheet is down in Charleston, SC

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Appsheet is down in Northern Ireland, issue first reported @4:30pm.

Apps unable to open/sync. No errors on screen appearing as of yet

same here, Taiwan

Down in Eastern Canada

igual en colombia