Is Appsheet down? Just changing some things ...

(Green Gorilla) #1

Is Appsheet down?

Just changing some things and can’t regenerate…

…then logged out and back in again to see if that would help, and now I can’t get in at all. :frowning:


(tsuji koichi) #2

Same story here, I can not open any of

app at all.

(Green Gorilla) #3

It’s alive! Service resumed…

(tsuji koichi) #4

Sample App (on is also not able to run. Obviously issue across all the users.

(Dan Oliphant) #5

Do you think they have people on the weekends able to fix it

(tsuji koichi) #6

@Dan_Oliphant I re launched my app, now working. Could you check yours?

(Green Gorilla) #7

@tsuji_koichi Nope. Not loading…

(Green Gorilla) #8

@Dan_Oliphant I hope so! Losing time on this app, and money!

(Dan Oliphant) #9

Mine is back up

(Green Gorilla) #10

Mine’s not… :frowning:

(tsuji koichi) #11

Did you close the browser and restart from beginning?

(Iron Bikers) #12

Its up again! @Green_Gorilla @Dan_Oliphant

from what I can see along months working with, I can say weekends are the most technical activity days, and sometimes, issues comes on weekends precisely for that reason. The excellent support makes worth each euro spent on the app. For me of course.

(Green Gorilla) #13

Looks like I am back. Restarting the browser didn’t he;lp. I restarted the whole computer… But we may be ok… :slight_smile:


(tsuji koichi) #14

I’m not. Still unable to open App

(tsuji koichi) #15

@Green_Gorilla good to hear.

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #16

One of our servers was having repeated issues this morning. In each case, it was causing a denial of service for about 1/8th of our users for upto 10 minutes at a time. We are investigating the root cause. We apologize for the disruption in service.

We always have an engineer on support every day, weekday or weekend. Today is actually my support day. Timezones make things difficult though. This happened at about 5AM our time (Seattle). I was online till 1AM and then went to sleep. We also do have Aleksi in Finland to help with support but he is not online 24X7. So there are some times when it can go a few hours before we see something.

Actual outages lead to the system auto-recovering (as it did in this case), but it usually takes a few minutes each time for that to happen.

This particular case is because some one user’s app seems to be causing some kind of runaway computation on our server.

That should never happen, but clearly, there is a loophole somewhere that let’s it occur. We have to trace back to find out what app caused it and why. In fact, it could well be one of you guys on this thread :]. We noticed that each time the server was restarted the problem re-occurred.

(Green Gorilla) #17

Oh, I hope it’s not me! I wouldn’t have a clue if my app was running amok! :confused:

Thanks, though. You got it sorted pretty quick… :slight_smile:

(Green Gorilla) #18

No, no it’s not. Stuill not synching, regenerating, or refreshing.

All other tabs/websites etc. are working fine so it’s not the browser/computer…

any ideas?

(Green Gorilla) #19

@tsuji_koichi Mine brought up some of the editor, but then is just waiting… I thought it was on its way back but I was wrong…

Just now got an HTTP Error 503: Service Unavailable.


(tsuji koichi) #20

Happening on both browser and mobile. Unable to launch apps at all.