Is AppSheet down or is it just me? Nothing w...

(David Hopkins) #1

Is AppSheet down or is it just me?

Nothing will load on computer or mobile, no syncing for any of my apps.

Thanks in advance.

(David Hopkins) #2


(Jonathon Sinclair) #3

I am also having problems.

(MrChArLeS LatTer) #4

Not able to log in. When is this gonna be fixed?

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #5

Is anyone still seeing problems? We think we haveit resolved at our end

(David Hopkins) #6


Looks good to me… Way To Go!

(MrChArLeS LatTer) #7

@praveen Up and running thanks.!!!

(Joseph Pentheroudakis) #8

I just logged out and logged back in, synced fine and everything is looking good. My users didn’t report any problems earlier either.


Thanks all!


me to

(rajoj maharjan) #10

I am having too

(David Hopkins) #11


(Mike Adler) #12

Seems to be down. First time I experienced this.

Wish there was a system dashboard so we at least knew service status



(David Hopkins) #14

Seems to be syncing properly, but the app manager is still not up yet.

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #15

There seems to be one “runaway” app that is causing one of our servers to overload. Whichever server it is connected to has this problem. They restart and it kicks the errant app off to another server. So at any point in time, it looks like it is affecting about 1/8th of our users.

@Brian_Sabino is tracking it down. In general, no single app should be able to do this. But sometimes the issue occurs in an unexpected way that we have not yet handled — eg: some complex expression results in an infinite evaluation loop

(David Hopkins) #16

backOfMyHead(REPEAT(“please, don’t let it be me!”, 3))