Is AppSheet “down”?

Hi all!

My Google Sheet Inside Google Drice itself still isn’t updating when I change things in my app - despite it actually working fine in the app itself. I’ve emailed support but no reply in 24 hours - not even an auto reply that it’s been added into a ticket queue. (paid customer here)

Is that normal?


If the data inside the app is updating then there is a data store somewhere that is updating. If you go to Data>Tables>View Source it will take you to the file that appsheet is using.


Hi Toby,
I searched our support database this morning and we weren’t able to find any ticket submitted from you.
Would you mind resubmitting it or replying to the mail you sent and tag me on it please (
Sorry for the inconvenience about this Toby.



It’s fine - someone on the forum just solved my issue. Thanks though! Yes, strange that my email to got lost though. Oh well! :slight_smile: Have a good day!

Thanks Austin!!! This helped me problem solve. I assumed I could move my google sheets and AppSheet would follow (I couldn’t find a support article on this), but clearly it just makes a copy of the Google Sheet in “/drive/AppSheet/(appname)/” :-)))))

Hi Toby,
I am glad it got answered. We usually pick up every ticket we receive within the hour it is received, so no answer, means something went wrong or we didn’t receive for some weird reason.
But since we monitor both the support tickets and community, this is a good place to call out for help in such cases…