is appsheet having problems? i can't load any...

(Segolene Sansom) #1

is appsheet having problems? i can’t load any of the appsheet sites for my apps in edit mode - it just goes to blank page or keeps on loading and loading

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

I’m not seeing that behavior. Do you still have that issue?

(Segolene Sansom) #3

it must have been my internet then… though other sites were loading fine… well its the next morning and things seem to be ok now.

(Segolene Sansom) #4

@Aleksi_Alkio ok question for you. My app is syncing fine on the comp now but on 2 different phones where it is trying to sync changes it comes up with the message “Unable to add/edit/delete row in table’Product Availability’. --> the spreadsheet or app might contain an invalid Excel formula. Please ensure that all excel formulas in the app and the spreadsheet are valid before trying again.”

Help please!

(Aleksi Alkio) #5

Have you checked you are using the latest app version in your mobile device?