Is data source reachable or not by public users?

Hello Guys…
What about my data source of my public appsheet ! is it reachable and stored in the device of public user?can the users(public users with no authentication) see my original spreedsheet and all data of my tables? I wish to get answer and derails if there is more than one probability about this case
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By default, AppSheet accesses your spreadsheet as the app creator’s user. The spreadsheet does not need to be made public in order for AppSheet to use it. No part of AppSheet requires your spreadsheet be publicly available. AppSheet does not expose your spreadsheet to the public.

It is up to you, the app creator, to ensure your app does not expose your data to the public.

Thanks Mr.Steve , so this mean no data stored on public user’s device ,but what type of files stored on public user’s device when download my app?
The goal is that I need the app to be public and at the same time I have sensitive data that I’m protecting it with slices and filtering roles, is that enough? Or my data can be reached by exploring app files on device?!

Public plan apps are not secure. “Secure” plans app are.

Public plan apps cannot use security filters, so all data is loaded to the device. A smart user could potentially discover all of the data.

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